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The Best VIP Casino 2021 Offers to Play, Win, and Feel Special



Online business in gambling has almost replaced casinos, and there are several major reasons for it. One of the main reasons is the comfort. You don’t need to leave your convenient house and look for an option to go here or there. Whether it is raining or snowing or when it is unbearably hot or cold, you don’t need to care indeed. You can sit on your favorite sofa or in your favorite chair and enjoy the gambling of the quality you need. Hundreds of online casinos are at your service.


Casino Logo Rating
888 Casino 5/5 PLAY
Jackpot City 5/5 PLAY
Ruby Fortune 4/5 PLAY
Betway Casino 4/5 PLAY


Another reason is profit, in the very direct sense. What real casino would ever give you bonuses just because you came there? In most cases, they will rather ask you to pay. In online casinos though, you can get some bucks or free spins just because you made an effort and got registered by them. Moreover, after making the first deposit, you in most cases will get a very nice award. In some cases, it might reach up to thousands of dollars. All you need to do is to make the first step which is the first deposit.

Further, online casinos are extremely safe. If you win, whatever sum you win, you don’t need to run around with your money, to bring it home somehow or whatever else. In online casinos, you get everything either to your bank account, or to your bank card, or to an e-wallet, or to cryptocurrency wallet. Thus, your funds are safe and you, too.

It all sounds good, doesn’t it? However, some players love playing big. Smaller bonuses are not interesting for them even though an online provider itself can be not bad at all. Thus, competition makes its things. That’s why many casinos requalified to pay enough attention to those gamblers even who play only with thousands of dollars. Those players are called high-rollers by the way.

For high-rollers, special programs exist. They are called VIP programs. While in some casinos, everybody becomes a member of a VIP program doesn’t matter what the deposit sums are, in other casinos, one can become a VIP only after having achieved a particular level.



Benefits That the Best VIP Casino 2021 Can Provide

The best VIP casino 2021 treats its players as VIP, and no exception is accepted. In any VIP casino, there are special perks that none player can get with a normal provider. Just some benefits that you get there can be the following:

  • In a real VIP casino, you get a personal manager. This person is available day and night whatever you might want from him/her when it comes to the gambling. Whatever question you have or advice you need, your personal manager will help with whatever is possible;
  • Some bonuses, especially cashbacks, are provided to VIP players only. Even if not, in any case, VIP offers are more lucrative than just ordinary cashback bonuses.
  • Some tournaments and special games are available for VIP players only. As well as some special casino rewards VIP are given to VIP only.

All in all, it is worth making an effort to become a VIP in a 24 VIP casino. It pays off financially and emotionally, too. Any VIP slots casino treats their VIP clients like kings, with the utmost attention.


How to Find the Best 24 VIP Casino

First of all, you shall remember that nobody has cancelled the rules for any 24 VIP casino. Thus, when you are looking for the best VIP casino mobile or for a desktop, make sure you check the basic requirements that apply to any normal casino. The mandatory ones are indicated here:

A license, and it is better if the license is acquired from a reputable regulatory body. There are several of them, and the higher the requirements are the better the license is. One of the best regulators is the one from Malta and from Curacao. Make sure the license information is the same on the website of a regulator and on the website of the company. Finally, check whether the license is given for providing gambling services or any other activity. A casino has a right to provide you with slots gambling and any other gambling and betting services only if it has a proper license.

Customer support shall be there and the agents shall speak your language. If you live in England, it is not a problem, however, if you live in Canada where English is not the main language, it is crucial to check. A customer support agent shall be trained enough to provide you extensive data about the casino’s policies, terms, games, bonus codes, and whatever else perks and motivational treats might be needed.

What about bonuses? Even high-rollers don’t mind getting them, and the more of them are available, the better it is. We will also tell you something: the bonuses offered to high-rollers are much higher and their conditions are incredibly more attractive. Well, any VIP casino mobile or a desktop loves the players who deposit more and play with thousands rather than with a couple of dollars.

Your provider shall be available online. it is not a secret that nowadays, mobile devices are not less popular, or rather they are becoming even more popular than all those desktops and laptops. If you have an advanced fully-functional mobile phone, you know that its memory and functionality are not worse than the ones of a good lap.

Considering that your phone is always with you and allows you to enjoy all the VIP offers on-the-go, the choice is evident: you cannot believe that the best casino might be not available on mobile devices.

A good selection of games is preferable. Then, you can be sure that you will not suffer with a good provider but without your favorite games. It is recommended to check in advance one by one all your favorite games for the matter of their availability. If you aren’t sure yet what your preferred game is, make sure the casino offers the most decent variety. Those might be slots, table games, games with live dealers, and any other games you have ever heard about and would like to try.


How to Become a Casino VIP?

There are different casino types. Some of them would willingly invite you to asap join their VIP program immediately you register and make the first deposit even though it can be of just a couple of dollars. Don’t relax though: this is just one of the tricks that the casinos use. You cannot even hope to get the same offers and attention like, say, a player who deposits thousands of UDS. To distinguish players and their participation levels exist. If you are on the lowest level, you get the same attention as a normal player. And the higher you climb, the more attention and specific perks you get.

In the majority of cases, players need some efforts to become a VIP. Usually, it is some sum in deposits. As a rule, you can count on a couple of thousands at least. In some casinos, it is difficult to say how they determine who can become a VIP. Such providers send a special invitation, and VIP membership conditions are a secret. In some cases, even the perks that you get being a VIP are obscure. You can try though, you might still like them.


What Are the Best VIP Companies?

We want to tell you in advance that every provider has a VIP program or something similar. We have selected those companies that offer something distinctive indeed and that are super reliable. Normally, those are super established casinos with decades of experience. However, some new providers you can find among them, too.


888 Casino

888 Casino is one of the most experienced, we would say, one of the veterans in this industry. Thus, the company has had enough time to establish everything, every single detail to provide the top-quality services in all the possible regards.

It is logical to expect that there, you will get something extraordinary when you become a VIP member. Indeed, the casino offers whatever a punter might ever dream about. The personal treatment is only one aspect of the loyalty program. On top of that, you can participate in special events arranged for VIP punters only. Also, you get the best, top bonuses, offers, promo codes. The offers might also differ depending on where you are located. In New Zealand, for instance, you can get access to one no deposit code, while punters from Australia will be happy to get a good number of free spins or some special promo codes.


Jackpot City

This enterprise doesn’t need any special advertising. However, its VIP program for sure deserves a very special attention. For every wagering, you get loyalty points that help you climb up the VIP ladder. The higher you are, the more opportunities you have. To the special advantages you get as a VIP belong special events, amazing bonuses and awards, both in money, physical items, tickets to trips and events. And JackpotCity Casino just loves giving free spins with or without any reason.

The good thing about the JackpotCity loyalty program is that punters don’t need to make anything special. They just need to login constantly, to make a deposit, not necessarily a couple of thousands or even hundreds, and to play. This easy access to the VIP status is one of the most positive things about JackpotCity.

When it comes to limits, depositing, withdrawing, betting, or any other, with a VIP status, you can increase them significantly. You can get access to your VIP perks from both desktop or mobile devices, without any download hassle.

Ok, but what should one do if the punter has an opportunity and a wish to play with thousands of dollars? Well, something is implied about some kind of elite membership, and the enterprise is very clear about it: it is not the VIP program. It is something designed for those special ones who make the majority of the company`s profit.

For ordinary players who have just started their way, ordinary bonuses are awarded. Well, some of them are not available even in some VIP programs.


Ruby Fortune Casino

This is one more of those veterans in the gambling market that have crafted the entire industry and have set the most relevant standards. Of course, you can expect that this casino respects its loyal punters.

The enterprise starts awarding you as soon as you start with depositing. The more a punter is involved in the gambling, the higher he/she moves. There are 6 layers of VIP program, from Blue to Privee. The standard options for VIP members are the special tournaments and a personal manager for every player. However, for every layer, there are specific bonuses, awards, and similar motivational things.

While you are gambling, you are collecting the special points. They move you from one layer to another, and they allow accessing some bonuses (buy them with points). Don’t forget about the monthly cash bonus from Ruby Fortune which can climb up to 10 000 USD and more. Top-punters get free invitations to world sports events and customized presents. It looks like with such a program, even a poor welcome bonus would be accepted. Well, and in Ruby Fortune, it is not poor at all. This is a place where you can count on amazing awards for every your step even if you don’t make a deposit.


Betway Casino

Betway is one of the best companies when it comes to the gambling. As well, it offers one of the best VIP programs. You start immediately when you register and deposit for the first time. however, on the first stages, you don’t get any special perks. But when you play, deposit, and get more and more points, you start moving up.

From the second level, you get improved odds and a monthly bonus promotion.

Further the number of special things is growing until you reach the last, the Black level. There, you can feel yourself like a kind, even tickets to sports and other events are offered. As you can already check, the VIP program alone is something worthy. Add other things such as a decent amount of bonuses, all types of them, including even free play offers and cash, a breathtaking games variety, and super attentive support to any player, doesn’t matter with how much money you play, and the perfect casino 2021 is available. There is nothing surprising in the fact that it takes the first places in all the ratings that we have found.


Final Thoughts

A VIP program is something that differs greatly from one provider to another. Thus, while the casino can be overall good and its VIP program is non-existent or bad, you might even consider a different company just because of this factor. A good VIP program is an amazing motivation to move on. Sometimes, a nice VIP promotion provides punters with an opportunity to start a completely new life.

However, even the best loyalty program cannot compensate for the absence of a license. Thus, before getting attracted by amazing promises, check whether the casino is fine from the legal side. Only then, you can count on top-quality gambling and awards based on your achievements.