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Bitcoin Online Casino Canada Can Offer for Safe and Transparent Transactions



Bitcoin has been around for longer than we usually believe but just during the recent years, the coin started growing in popularity and, hence, in price. Just a couple of years ago, bitcoin has experienced an immense, rather incredible price growth which made some people millionaires instantly. After that, bitcoin dropped as fast as it once was growing.


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Slots Empire 4/5 PLAY


This is one of the most interesting, the most powerful and the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. Some specialists believe that these crypto-coins are meant to replace fiat money and to create the new financial systems of the world. For now, though, it is too early to talk about it. But what is definitely attracting attention is the fact that an increasing number of online gambling enterprises don’t hesitate to include bitcoin in the number of their convenient deposit and cash out methods.

Thus, our review will be devoted to the best bitcoin online casino Canada. Why Canada? Well, this is one of the most advanced countries in the world, many people live there, thus, Canada is an attractive target for all the gambling companies. Though the Canadian legislation is tough to gambling and just a couple of decent land-based casinos function there, some online casino accept bitcoin Canada and offer their services to Canadian punters. This is the only way for Canadian gamblers to have some fun safely while gambling their favorite games, any type of them.


Bitcoin Casino Pros

Every bitcoin online casino Canada accepts brings some advantages if you compare it to some top casinos that don’t accept bitcoins though.

Bitcoin was initially meant as a safe coin that allows free and anonymous transactions. Whatever you send or receive, you don’t provide your private or financial information anywhere. Only the data that are meant to be public are open: the public key of your cryptocurrency wallet. And that’s it. Every single transaction is safely and reliably recorded in the blockchain and cannot be changed, removed, or whatever else. This is the dream of any financial institution, but for now, these options are available with cryptocurrency only.

Transactions in bitcoin are fast. Due to technical reasons, they are not immediate anymore. But compared to a transaction via a bank account, for instance, those 10-20 minutes needed for a bitcoin transaction are nothing indeed. Thus, the transactions are fast, and if you use other cryptos, they can be even immediate.

It is convenient to use bitcoins doesn’t matter where you are located. No exchange fees or other commissions can even influence the final sum of your deposit or withdrawal. Thus, bitcoin casinos provide the fairest conditions to punters when it comes to crypto-money.


Bitcoin Casino Cons

Of course, no bitcoin casino Canada is perfect. Every bitcoin casino Canada accepts not only benefits, but some drawbacks, too. And those drawbacks are connected to bitcoin, in the same way as the benefits are:

Bitcoin, like any other cryptocurrency, is highly volatile. Thus, its price can change a lot, for hundreds of dollars, just within some minutes. Therefore, even those 10-20 minutes that are required for the miners to record a transaction in the blockchain, might have a huge impact on what you get to your crypto-wallet.

Thus, it is crucial to check whether all the transactions are performed in cryptocurrency only and if the funds are not changed to fiat money at some point. In the first case, you get your bitcoins, it doesn’t matter what their price is at that particular moment. In the second case, if the crypto is changed to fiat, even for some minutes, even for some seconds, your risks are huge. If your casino does so, consider that bitcoin casino Canada a scammer and look for a more reliable option.

Because of the previous feature of crypto, the high volatility, you should indeed check casinos that perform all the transactions immediately. Otherwise, those seconds, minutes, days might cost you good money. Consider also, that in the case with cryptocurrency, all those delays are simply not needed.

One more drawback is connected with the character of the currency, not with providers or any other factors. Any bitcoin transaction is irreversible. It means that if you are playing in the best bitcoin casino Canada has and want to withdraw money, you need to pay the utmost attention to every single detail you are providing. If you give a wrong detail and the withdrawal goes to somebody’s else account, your money has gone forever, without any chance to return it.

Cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, are a relatively recent phenomenon, thus, using them for gambling, like using them in general, is still tricky for most punters. Though once you understand the main ideas, it will be fine.



Casinos in Canada That Accept Bitcoin

Several types of online casino accept bitcoin Canada. However, you cannot just plunge into cryptocurrency gambling like you would do in the case with fiat money.

First, you need to buy bitcoins. You can check how to buy bitcoin for online casino Canada on specialized websites of exchanges. There, you can also get some information about crypto-wallets, their types, and learn how to use them.

After you have learned about how to get so much wished crypto-coins, you can select a nice casino and register an account. In your case, we would recommend a firm that offers a bitcoin casino Canada no deposit bonus or other perks for using bitcoins.

Besides, make sure that your preferred bitcoin gambling firm complies with the basic requirements such as licensing, and similar. Do you want some details? Ok, just read on.


Licensing of an Online Casino

Licensing is the most painful topic for those who aren’t licensed or have a license issued by a regulator that is not considered as good. And it is clear why: a license is the first thing any punter pays attention to. A firm shall be permitted to operate in Canada. Even though it might have no permissions from local authorities (they are needed for land-based casinos, but for online gambling firms, they are still not critical), a license is a must. Whatever company works without a license, it is a scammer, without exceptions.


Customer support is crucial even if you play with crypto

If you play with bitcoins, many questions might arise. One of the most common is for example how to receive online casino winnings with bitcoin Canada. Or for instance do you know what is an instant bitcoin withdrawal online casino Canada? Some firms offer specialized bonus codes for bitcoin, others have one or another promotion. And all the bonuses and perks come with some conditions, some of them are quite tricky. Thus, everything shall be clarified in advance, and for that even, customer support is a must.

Some providers have very strange practices. For example, they don’t offer any option to get connected with any of their their customer support agents unless you register. We don’t approve such practices even though the company itself might be not the worst one. We believe though that any pressure, even though it is just the need to register, is unacceptable and shall not be practiced.


Payment options

As long as all here is about bitcoins, you need the most advanced casinos. Thus, there, all the possible options will be available. Normally, those are bank cards, accounts, wire transfer, e-wallets, prepaid cards. The entire collection is normally available in online casinos that accept bitcoins.

It is a pity to admit but normally, providers would rather ignore the cryptocurrency rather than excluding any of the standard methods. Even though it is already clear to anybody that gambling with crypto has a lot of potential.


Protection and safety online

It doesn’t matter whether you play with bitcoin or not, even if your aim is just to gamble for fun, your data shall be protected. And this is possible in one case only: if the enterprise uses an SSL certificate. Of course, nobody will ask about it. But you can check easily whether the SSL is available or not. Just have a look at the URL of the website. Does it start with “https”? If yes, it is fine then. You can provide there whatever is needed for the registration, verification or any other purposes. Sometimes, instead of “s”, a lock sign is shown. Thus, if the lock is locked, the connection is secure. All your information gets encrypted before it is sent online. if somebody tries to steal or misuse it, only some random signs will be available.

If none of the things are available, it is a bad sign. It means that anybody with the basic knowledge of technology can access your information and use it in whatever way he/she wants. There is no need to warn that it is not recommended to provide any data there.


What about games?

Every reputable casino will do its best to provide punters with the most extensive variety of games. Those are not necessarily thousands of games. Not the variety but the number matters. Thus, the best firms in Canada do their best to provide the most various games, including slots, all the variants of table games, and so on.

Verify whether you can play your preferred games there. You can search for them based on their name, the provider, the type, or whatever else categories are provided on the website. Sometimes, it can be useful to ask the customer support. Though they aren’t obliged to know all the games, moreover, there might be thousands of them.

One more thing to note about the games. Especially it concerns the luck-games, those which results are RNG generated. Such games shall have a special certificate. Normally, an independent lab works with the testing of software and its certification. Any casino that is eligible to provide its services to Canadian punters would be proud to boast with an eCOGRA seal, for example. And for the players, it means a lot of benefits and guarantees.

For instance, one of the major advantages of a certification is that the games are tested for the randomness of the gambling results. It means that the results of every spin cannot be forecasted or predicted or somehow adjusted. They are all random, thus, everybody has equal winning chances. Even the provider cannot influence the results of a game.

Until the seal is on the website, the games are fair. We can even compare it to a good license, if it is available, everything is ok.


Bonuses and other promotion types

Some punters will not understand this aspect of gambling while for others, this is a must-to-be feature. There are plenty of bonuses to be offered, and the best companies are just waiting for an opportunity to make you happy with an incredible welcome bonus. What about a half of bitcoin, just to start with?

For others, free spins are believed to be the best awards. They don’t provide you with cash directly but they help punters to save a lot of funds. On some websites, there is an opportunity to use free spins without any conditions, the main thing is to get them. There are options when free spins shall be wagered or winnings from them shall be wagered.



The Best Online Casinos in Canada That Accept Bitcoins

There are leaders in the niche, and whatever you are looking for, everything can be found by these companies. Here, we have collected the most trusted of them.


Casino Chan

This is one of the newest providers that operate in the Canadian market. It was founded just 5 years ago. But this provider has already become quite influential. It offers all the possible benefits to its clients, and the application of bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals is one of them.

On Chan website, you can both fill in your account and cash out winnings in bitcoins. The bitcoin games are arranged under a separate tab. However, this separation is just formal, to let the casino know that you are playing with cryptocurrency. The number and the quality of games don’t differ from a normal offering of the provider.

More than 2,500 of games are offered to try and to win. Would you ever have enough time at least to try all of them?

The welcome bonus is one of the most generous in the industry if we are talking about reliable casinos, not scammers. There, new players have a chance to get up to 1,500 USD and 120 free spins to kick off.



PlayAmo is the next firm that has taken our attention. This firm is also relatively new, it started its way in 2016. For now, it is one of the most reputable companies offering gambling services for Canadian punters. Now, it is also one of the companies that accepts bitcoin widely as one of the ways for the players to fund their accounts and to cash out any won funds.

More than 2,000 games make a nice collection. The provider uses the HTML5 version of the website, thus, it is available on all the mobile devices. Thus, whatever you like, you can spend hours gambling there.

Welcome bonus and other bonuses attract and amaze. More than 1,500 CAD and 150 free spins are waiting there for those who decide to join this amazing provider right now, without hesitations. And the firm insists that you will never regret it because bonuses and nice offers will be following you constantly, whatever move you make.


Slots Empire

Even though this casino is not such a frequent visitor of top charts like two previous companies, it has its charm and plenty of advantages. We are happy that here, among the bitcoin casinos in Canada, we can mention it in the first places of our rating.

We would agree that for a top provider, Slots Empire has not many games, just around 300 of them. Considering though that it was launched just in 2019, we believe that more games are to come asap.

Deposits and withdrawal options are not the most varied, too, even e-wallets are absent, and they are everywhere, even in the least advanced casinos. But Slots Empire accepts bitcoins, that’s why it is in our rating.

This is one of the most advanced providers from the technological point of view. Only brand new games by RTG are offered on Slots Empire platform. They all run perfectly, their graphics and sound quality are impressive.

The customer support treats every client with the utmost attention and respect. There, any problem can be solved easily. The Slots Empire team is there for any player or just an interested person 24/7.

This is one of few casinos that allow playing for fun. You don’t need to look for a no deposit code if all you need is just to test the platform and the offers. None case requires any download, neither when you choose a free play nor for real money.

Thus, this casino deserves the attention of any gambler. It is really amazing and its team is full of enthusiasm to serve any punter in the best possible way.

One more reason to pay a very special attention to this provider is the bonuses. What about getting a welcome bonus up to 12,000 USD? It sounds unreal, but this firm offers it. Of course, and you have guessed it, we believe, that this is not a single payment, the bonus comes with several deposits. But this is something that is difficult to believe in. Now, such bonuses are rare.

Now, you see that this provider doesn’t deserve not being mentioned here. If you are located in Canada, this is the option for you to try. Check out the games, try gambling for free and then, make the depo and go for that 12,000 USD! This enterprise deserves to be named a gambling services provider 2021, and we believe that during this year, it will gain the needed weight in the gambling world.


Final Thoughts

Bitcoin casinos are still rare even though cryptocurrencies are discussed everywhere. Considering that bitcoin is offered for transactions by the best casinos only, we believe that this payment method will be spreading in the gambling world. Of course, bitcoin is not the only crypto-currency. There are many more of them, and many casinos already accept the most popular of crypto-coins.

Bitcoin casinos are mostly new casinos. Therefore, you can count on many additional perks that are available on new websites only. For example, what about some incredible promo codes? Or a welcome bonus which sum can exceed 10,000 of dollars? The best bitcoin casinos in Canada are ready to pamper their loyal clients with any bonuses and offers, including allowing depositing and withdrawing money in crypto.