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Drueck Glueck Casino. 1000 + Games of Massive Fun with Countless Jackpots and Bonuses, for a Chance to Win Big!



Drueck Glueck Casino is a Malta based, authorized by Malta Gaming Authority, online Casino that offers a vast collection of almost 1,000 games to its users in a fun, financial secured, private platform. Among entertainment are included classic Slot games as well as some new 5-reel slots, Various Jackpot games with progressive jackpots integrated into several other categories, High graphic, fun and thrilling Roulette games for dice rollers, Blackjack games and a Live Casino so you never miss going to a physical casino. All this variety of games come with a bundle of promotions to keep the fun rolling and a chance to stack against the odds.


Responsible Gaming

DrueckGlueck Casino’s team fully realizes that gambling is only a form of entertainment and so a number of measures are required in order to ensure that the platform is safe, keeps financial security in check, private information confidential, gives a fair chance to play all games free from any manipulation and when users feel addicted to gambling be willing to help them out.

Deposit and Play Limits: Deposit and play limits are offered so players can control how much they can deposit in a given amount of time and how much money they can wager in a given amount of time. This kind of prevention measure is usually easiest and most effective in preventing the development of unwanted gambling addiction which may lead to financial stress.

Cooling-Off, Temporary Suspension and Self-Exclusion: These support methods help players in taking a break from gambling if they feel like they themselves will not be able to stop, their accounts are blocked for a temporary amount of time and so they are forced to not gamble. Cooling-off refers to a smaller amount of time, 1 day, 2 days or one week. Temporary suspension is much longer, starting from one month, two months and up to three months. Finally Self-Exclusion is even longer and suitable for serious cases. It lasts up to half a year of break.

Reality Check: Reality check is a message, based on your decided playing limit, you will receive a message from the support department, who will let you know how long you have been playing. It is a reminder when you spend too much time playing.

Self-Assessment Test: A self-assessment test is meant for gamblers to take when they are not sure of their gambling habits. By doing this test, one can understand if gambling is becoming an issue or not. This way, identifying the issue as early as possible.

Keeping a watchful eye: This measure is taken by Drueck Glueck Casino’s team when they notice a gambling habit that may be serious, they will contact the user to let them know of the Responsible Gaming Policy and suggest putting limits or take a break.


Slots: The mainstream pull the lever games

When a newbie imagines going to a casino, among the universe of things what they think about on top of their head is a queue of big vending-like machines, with big screens, a big lever and people either losing a lot of money or wiping the floor with winning coins. Slot games is one of the most widely popular category of casino games and they come in 3-reel, 4-reel or 5-reel, sometimes with a progressive jackpot integrated, Wild symbols that replace every other symbol also hold one of the highest payouts or Scatter that can offer free spins, free games, bonuses etc. Usually the highest payout is when a big number of wilds appear in a row, which is less likely but definitely worth it when it does appear.


Among the list of offered games, one is ‘Spinning Wild a 5-reel, 40 play lines slot that has a maximum bet of up to $400. The game offers a variety of free spins and bonus game that can recover on average 5% of the bets made while reaching the bonuses. In this game, a type of scatter, is the ‘free bonus’ symbol itself that can appear on the reels.

Not Feeling sure? Just drag the mouse on the button, and there is an option to play in trial mode. Trial mode or Demo mode is a common option in most online casinos, some casinos let you play all games(besides Live Games) in demo mode, while others let you play fewer games in live mode, regardless the option exists. Try out on the demo mode until you feel like a pro and then start wagering some real money.



The next most popular category is Roulette. Roulette is more fun because there is just so much to bet one.


There are a list of ROulette games available at DrueckGlueck Casino, including several regional versions like French Roulette, European Roulette, American Roulette and even Swedish Roulette. A typical example is the Auto Roulette show above. Players can bet on either reds or blacks, which have an almost 50% probability for each and offer the lowest payoff A similar wager would be to bet on the first 18 or second 18 out of the total 36 numbers or evens or odds, which have similar winning probability and payoff. A less likely or more paying wager would be to bet on any 12s. The total 36 numbers are divided into 3 sections of 12 numbers in each, and they have a higher payoff with a much less probability. This is a high graphics realistic game, that shows the dice rolling on the large wheel on side, so put your hands together, your fingers crossed in the hope that the dice will roll and eventually get stuck on the number or color you have bet on.

In most roulettes, there is also a special number, ‘0’ or a chance to bet on any one specific number out of 36. The probability, as one can imagine, is the least when it comes to getting precisely one number but the payoff is massive, making the game fun over all.

A major benefit of roulette is that it suits all risk takers, as there is a variety to bet on, each with different probability and a fairly attached pay-off, so whether someone likes less risk or more risk can play the game.

Several unique combination of numbers includes Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins and Zero, they have a less probability then evens, or even sections of 12s, but are more likely than getting a specific number or the golden ‘0’ number.



Now comes the treat for card lovers! Blackjack! In a classical Blackjack game the target is to flip cards and try to reach 21. The dealer gives the player two cards facing up and takes two cards for himself, only one facing up. The choice that the player has is to either ‘Hit’ or ‘Deal’. The target is to flip cards and hope to reach numbers closest to 21 but not exceeding it. With the 2 cards given, if the player thinks that the total is good enough and close to 21, he can choose to deal. In which case the dealer will proceed to keep flipping until he either exceeds the numbers on the cards that the player has or goes bust. Going bust, means losing immediately when you exceed the score of 21. If you think you can open up more cards without going bust, then you can choose to ‘Hit’ and take the risk of seeing more cards. The game is fairly simple and the type to be player over and over.

Jacks, Queens and Kings all are worth only 10 points and an Ace is worth either 11 or 1 Point. Making the game a bit less scary.


The Blackjack American is a mainstream Blackjack game with the same rules as usual but a few additional kicks. One is Insurance. An extra pay-off of 2 to 1, if the dealer’s first card is an Ace.

A blackjack pays 3 to 2. A blackjack is when you reach points exactly equalling 21, a symbol of the game itself.

While the game has started, there is also an option to double down in order to increase wager if you think you are going to win the game. This is a great additional benefit, because players can increase the bet after seeing the first 2 cards, which gives them a great idea of their position in the game.


Jackpot, a chance to win huge


Jackpots are fun because they can be added to any other game, Blackjack, Slots, Roulette or Game shows and increase the fun of that game by several folds. There is a variety of games that offer jackpots, with the total worth of jackpots being mentioned on the top mid ‘Jackpot Games’ button. Many games involve progressive jackpot, which add a part of the bet to the winning jackpot as you keep wagering, increasing the jackpot and reward size. Jackpot games offer extremely large rewards, all in all, making them very exciting and worthy.


Live Casino: Where everything comes to life

While the Instant online games are all fun, every only gambler feels the craving of going to a casino, bet against real players and be under that ceiling of pure entertainment, fun and class. To fill the gap, Drueck Glueck offers the Live Casino! It is just as alive as it sounds!

Among the list of Live Casino games, there are several versions of Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, even Live Chinese Baccarat for an Asian touch and several more so you never feel the need to go to a Casino physically.

At the live casino, feel the real thrill by chatting with real players talking about everything from weather, work, life, vacations to casino strategies or games on the Live Chat section for each respective game. There are already discussions going on with so many people on the live chat, so just ask nice and join them in the fun, maybe its a chance to get your mind off things which very well satisfies the purpose of gambling.

Game Shows: Based on most popular TV shows


Play the Dream Catcher, a fun spin the wheel game. A dealer will appear on your screen via real streaming and will spin the wheel for you. The wheel has 52 segments, and each segment is numbered either 1,2,5,10, 20 or 40 and in a different color. Players have to choose a number they feel confident about and the dealer will spin the wheel, if you get the number you clicked, you win! It’s that simple. What’s more, is that winning number 2, pays 2 to 1, winning number 10 pays 10 to 1 and so on! OF course, the numbers 1 and 2 appear much more than number 20 and 40, and therefore have the fairly determined pay-off attached to them

In addition, there are also some multiplier segments like 2x or 7x, which gives you a chance to spin the wheel again and winning on the next segment is multiplied with the multiplier. HItting multiplies also cumulates, so it lets you win much more than you would have expected.

E.g. IF the wheel stops on 2x, then on the next spin on 7x and then on the number 5, then the player wins 70 to 1 !!

Not feeling sure? Just click on the ‘?’ sign on top left, and a long list of playtable, betting rules and guidelines will be generated. The help section is done for each game according to its respective rules and payouts, which provides a lot of clarity to the players.

In Live Casino, one can play roulette, blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and Game shows like the one described above.

Other game shows include,Lightening Dice, Monopoly live, a game from the childhood memories and more.

Among the Poker games are included, Casino Hold’em a classic, Side Bet City, Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker and more.


Promotions: There is just so much to give away!


Where Online casinos bash their knuckles the hardest is Promotions, and this is also where they stand out above land based casinos. To be competitive, and to give gamblers a little extra push, a little extra bonus and some extra spins is the promotion section of Casino DrueckGlueck.

  • DrueckGlueck Welcome: Welcome newbies! Welcome bonuses are the most common of all and are a great way for players to begin the fun in a fancy way, flying on a head start. On the first deposit, there is a 100%, up to $100 bonus + 50 free spins on Book of the Dead. A major advantage of such bonus is that an extra in the beginning gives you a chance to test and play different kinds of free games and get you started so you can decide which game you are going to spend most of your effort on later. Bonus Code provided on the main page. Just login to get started.
  • Extra Match Up Offer: On the next deposit get a 100% up to $50 bonus. This is a small deposit bonus for everyone! Just to play more on the weekend.
  • Adventure Spins: Master Planner gives 15 Free spins for depositing $10, 30 Free spins for depositing $25 and 75 Free Spins for Depositing $50. Thrill Seeker gives 30 Free Spins for depositing $10, 60 Free spins for depositing $10 and 150 Free spins for depositing $50. The choice that players have is to either choose Master PLanner, which offers on a guarantee or go for Thrill Seeker, which is a chance to score double than the Master Planner on a win/loss chance. All these spins are available on the game Book of the Dead. 
  • 3 Wins = Mega Spins: For those winning a price in at least 3 buy-in tournaments on the day, there are Extra Mega Spins.

The Buy-in tournaments appear in the tournament section and show a list of large and small, long and immediate tournaments on an ever changing spree! There are always different kinds of tournaments coming in, and expiring out. This gives a good reason to Casino DrueckGlueck’s players to keep coming back day in and day out in order to not miss the next best offer they have been waiting for!

  • Great Spins Package Savings: This is a different kind of promotion, it offers players to buy spins in Ninja Master at a cheaper than usual price. 50 Spins for $20, 90 Spins for $36 and 125 spins for $50 is a great opportunity to win big for the Ninja MAster fanatics. There are Extra 2, 5 and 8 Spins on each respective package. 
  • A Massive One-Off Bonus: On the first deposit of the day, using Bonus Code: BOMB50, get a 50% up to $100 extra to play with!

Most o these offers are temporary and keep changing with time. All in all, the outlook of these offers are free spins for specific games, which is a great chance for specific game lovers every once in a while, general deposit bonuses to win a little extra on deposits and of course Welcome offers. These are all rewarding in various ways which never lets Casino DrueckGlueck get boring.

Furthermore, there is a chance to rate all promotions! This is truly a one of a kind option almost nowhere else found. By rating out of 5 stars, players can tell the drueckglueck.com Team how much they liked that promotion which can later help them in developing promotions according to user’s likings and dislikings. Just keep an eye for the promotions and their promo codes, and you are sure to find something of your choice.


VIP Membership


Want to feel special? VIP Membership is becoming an increasing norm at online Casinos. On top of all the extra offers and bonuses there is more fun for the VIPs.

  • Loyalty Plan: Who doesn’t feel appreciated when they receive rewards for their loyalty? And why shouldn’t everyone receive rewards for their loyalty? Sure sounds like a good idea for regular Gamblers. Bronze Level from 0 – 401 points, Silver Level for 401 – 1000 points, Gold level for 1001 – 2000 points, Platinum for 2001 to 20,000 points, Diamond and finally Red Diamond are the top levels possible via invitation only.
  • Personal VIP Account Manager: Who doesn’t like an exclusive service. Being a VIP you get your own personal account manager, who is devoted to helping you out in all matters and is available at all times to keep you always in the red seat.
  • Exclusive and Personalized Rewards: Biggest Perks of being a VIP is on top of getting the daily bonuses and rewards that regular users get, you can get more rewards and win chances tailored for VIPs.
  • Faster and Higher Withdrawal Limits: Bet bigger and better, with bigger table limits and faster transaction services.
  • Luxury Gifts: VIP members get luxury gifts unlike anyone else. Over the extra fun in Games, there are chances to win electronics like Laptops, Mobile Phones, Funn accessories, Cash Rewards(money!!), trips to a fancy places like Dubai or Pair, Music Concerts, Sports Events and more! You will thank Drueck Glueck for going so out of the way in rewarding.
  • Exclusive VIP Tournaments: VIPs get to be part of special tournaments that reward on a massive level and a chance to play and chat with other VIPs, sharing your VIP Experience and more.


Support and General

There is a variety of Support methods available at drueckglueck.com. Live Chat Service is available just by clicking the three bars on top left and going to ‘Support’. Live Chat is one of the fastest, most convenient and tailored-to-personal-needs support services where users can talk directly to Support Staff to get their help right away. Just explain your issue to them and help is on the way.

The Game is also available on Offline mode, just hit the ‘Download’ button on the main screen and the software will be installed.

Website is available in up to 4 languages including German and Norwegian.

Website is well supported on Mobile phones, either Android or IOS.

The Signup and Login options are fairly quick and easy. Only basic information like name, date of birth, username, password etc are required and the process usually only takes a few minutes

Deposit and Withdrawal are available on a number of financial platforms, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Skrill, PayPal and more.


Our verdict

All in All, www.drueckglueck.com is a great online Casino that offers an incredible large variety of games (1000+) including a Live Casino and Game Shows. The Game Shows are particularly unique as they are not found very often, and since they are based on extremely popular gaming ideas they are definitely eye catching for a large variety of audience. On top of the fun games and large variety, the promotions and tournaments offers are likely to be a competitive advantage of Drueck Glueck over other Online Casinos.

While Promotions are common, putting up new promotions every few days is a difficult task that enhances user experience by several folds. Tournaments are also both small and large, which gives great variation and entertainment to players. Lastly, the large bonuses, exclusive gifts and offers to VIPs is also an exceptional offer because the luxury gifts can help engage and connect with players on a much higher level. With all the right set of entertainment features and settings, Drueck Glueck is a great online Casino that anyone who likes constant developing entertainment will prefer.