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Magic Slot Games for the Most Inspired Punters to Win in Many Ways



Magic is a favorite theme in all the aspects of our lives. Since long ago, people have believed in magic, rituals, ghosts, and similar. With time, these beliefs have faded, but the interest in the unknown and mystical has stayed. It is under the skin of people. Sometimes, it looks like magic was born with humanity.


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It is not surprising then that magic themes penetrated in the online casino games. Moreover, if you consider that this field is really productive and inspiring, it is clear that there are a lot of magic slot games. It looks like there is not a single developer that hasn’t tackled this topic. Thus, we can enjoy now a waste selection of incredible magic slot games. You decide which of them you like and which of them you are going to play. The main thing is to choose the correct provider or providers, and to know what you can expect from a magic slot machine from the technical point of view. We have already chosen some games that provide some specific features that, in turn, boost gambling experience incredibly.



Top Casino Magic Slots

Let us be open: there are thousands of magic wheel slots. They are so loved that none developer has resisted the temptation to create at least a couple of them. It looks like that some developers just specialize in magic themes. However, thousands of names will stay unknown forever. It is not because they are good or bad. Just the developers have missed something that would attract most players. Those can be some specific features, some graphics that call to the player’s heart, or some sound that awakens the deepest memories. Whatever it is, we just leave it for a while. Here, we will check the main magic slot machine types that have managed to get to the top. We will try to check also what are the reasons behind their success.


Magicious (Thunderkick)

Magicious can be found in almost every reputable slot magic online casino. This game doesn’t have hundreds of reels, thus, it is easy-to-play. This precious feature makes it technically accessible to the main number of punters. Just 10 paylines don’t exhaust your budget if you want to activate all of them. We all know that the more paylines are active, the more winnings are available, and their sums are higher.

The magic is in the wild feature. It is expanding and it might appear anywhere on the lines. It looks like real magic indeed. If you encounter 3 wilds, you will get respins.

One more magic detail is in the visuals. They don’t overload the screen and don’t distract you from your main aim: winnings. The jackpot here is 400 USD, thus, there is something to target. But the visuals are not poor at all. Every single detail of the both magicians is made just perfectly. It looks like everything around is real, and this is one more aspect that attracts players.

The symbols are boxes and some stars. They are made just perfectly, you will be enjoying just by watching them on the reels.

Another attractive symbol is no doubt a wild that can be found on reels 2, 3, and 4. It expands to the rest of the reels and creates amazing combinations that bring money, a lot of money. These expanding guys though have one more function: they replace the free spins. Even though this so much loved feature is not accessible, Magicious is one of the leaders among all the slots with magic themes.

Simple format, solid gameplay, action and excitement – these are the features that wait for you in Magicious.


Spellcast (NetEnt)

Spellcast is equipped with 5 reels. 20 paylines provide practically as many options to win as you might need or want. One spin costs from 20 to 40 USD. Spellcast can be gambled on a desktop and on all modern mobile devices.

The first release of Spellcast was in 2006. Now, however, this magic wheel slots offer was modernized, upgraded, and released in a HTML5 version. It means that it can be accessed from any device just by typing the slot or the casino`s URL. The graphics and sound accompaniment have improved visibly, too.

In this slot, the Spellcast, one can find all the attributes, the evidence of magic and magicians. It is filled with spellbooks, potion bottles, witches, and everything vs. everybody connected with magic.

The scatter fits completely in the entire image of Spellcast. It is a crystal ball. And it can increase your bets to up to 500 times. Three crystal balls bring 15 free spins. This promotion is something rather standard and present in many games, including free slots magic wheel.

This is a rather ancient slot but it is still played and loved by punters, moreover, after the recent upgrade. And it can bring winnings more than 1790 times higher that your sum bet.


Merlin`s Millions (NextGen Gaming)

Judging from the title, one may believe that this slot is about looking for the hidden treasures. But in reality, it is all about magic. 5 reels and 4 rows are rather typical for a video slot. 50 fixed paylines are also not something that deserves to be talked about too much. Many modern video slots have these specifics nowadays. However, there are features that deserve your attention. About them, we will talk in more detail.

In the central point of the plot, there is Merlin, a great magician of all the times, with its riches. And like any other magicians, he has some assistants. An owl is known to assist witches and magicians. Merlin though is not an ordinary magician, thus, he has not one owl but three of them. And when they all come on the reels, you will get a special bonus game from Merlin.

In the owl game, all the symbols turn into owls. You can pick them one by one, the more the better. But don’t get distracted. When the word Collect appears, pick it, too. Then, owls will turn into awards, and they are something incredible, just believe us.

Owls are not the only symbols to look for. Orbs are not less attractive. Whether you select to play the magic slots free or for funds, we recommend to take advantage of all the symbols that appear there. Thus, Orbs. If you find them, Merlin will award you. Don’t doubt even that every single award is worth the great magician. Orbs might bring you five free play features, or they might turn normal symbols, randomly, into the wilds. The last option is really something unique and adds the thrill.

Merlin is a wild and replaces just anything except the owls and orbs. But this great magician is tied to only 2, 3, and the 4th reels. On other reels, the way is closed for him.

A gamble game is rather standard for the majority of slots magic mobile or any types of slots at all. Thus, Merlin`s Millions would be incomplete without it. Guess the card colour and double your winnings. Guess the suite, and quadruple whatever you had won by then.

This game has the features that suit into several categories. In our review, it is a magic slot, due to the theme and the plot. Its graphics allows classifying it to 3D games. And finally, it is also a typical video slot. It doesn’t matter what type of slot it is, the main idea is that playing it is a huge fun and winnings are very nice there. Thus, look for bonus codes in Canada or England, or wherever you are located, and test the game.


Magic Mirror (Merkur)

To start with, we would like to mention that Merkur is one of the oldest and most established software developers for gambling purposes. However, until recently, the company worked for land-based casinos only. Now, Merkur has switched to mobile slots. this developer is becoming increasingly popular everywhere thanks to some features that are specific to all its games:

  • Simple gameplay;
  • Established themes presented in the most unusual ways;
  • Reliability and fairness.
  • Magic Mirror is a typical creation of Merkur, and it tells already everything about the slot.

The theme is all about castles, magicians, princesses, witches, and everything magic can be connected with. Thus, when you open the slot, you expect something ordinary, rather standard. But this is an illusion, and it ends as soon as you start playing.

There are no paved paths there. You have to choose your own way, only then, success will be loyal to you. Everything in the game insists on it as soon as you start playing.

This is an HTML5 game. Thus, no download is required, and you can play directly from your account on any device. It is an evident benefit considering that you save some time and resources on your device.

There are 5 reels and 25 paylines. Do you want to explore it more? It is clear that not all the functions are available if you play for free. Thus, if you are sure that you want to stay, deposit some bucks and try out all the features available. The magic game deserves it. Whether you are in England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or anywhere else, don’t forget to check out for promo codes. Even if the casino where you are playing right now doesn’t give them generously to everybody around, check other websites. They will bring you some cash.

So, now, you can get acquainted with the symbols. There are a lot of mirrors, well, magic mirrors. In the background, there is a castle, we believe it might be haunted. And the symbols fit in the plot perfectly: unicorns, castles, magic wands, and all the magic stuff. The impressions are the most realistic, you are just surrounded with all the magic attributes.

Two magic mirrors are the scatters. Yep, two scatters are there. This is something that cannot be easily found in the slots. However, don’t hurry to celebrate: they don’t multiply anything. The only thing they can do is to arrange your symbols to assist you in moving on to the winning. Thus, scatters are a benefit and a drawback at the same time.

This slot is made for the players to survive a real immersive experience. Mirrors are all around, the graphics are super accurate and precise, the same can be told about the sound. The slot is for real aesthetes and those who love gambling in its best traditions.



Casinos to Play the Best Slots about Magic

These slots can be found on the majority of gambling websites, for playing both for real money and for free. Thus, it is not complicated to find a company that offers one or even several of these games to the attention of its players. There are difficulties only with selecting the best company. This is the point when a good service can be of huge assistance. Thus, here you are some casinos where you can survive the deepest magic and still have the best outcome


Leo Vegas

Here, you can find the Magicious, one of the best games of all times. This is for sure a game that is worth trying. Don’t hesitate to request the generous Leo welcome bonus. It includes 20 free spins, thus, you might even try out the game without your funds to be touched and wasted.

Leo Vegas is one of the most prominent players in the relevant market. It appeared in 2013, and since then, it has been a constant success. The games are selected to cover the needs of everybody. Thus, if you are a newbie or an expert, you will find something there according to your level. The same can be told about personal preferences, the budget, or whatever else influences the choice of a game.

Bonuses are there, for anybody. Maybe you will be upset if you don’t find a no deposit code, but instead of looking on Leo website, try partners` resources. There, everything can be found, especially when it comes to such a giant like Leo Vegas.


888 Casino

888 is one more company that cannot leave magicians and magic without attention. This is a firm that has been around for more than 20 years. So, some magic shall be involved for sure. Moreover, if you consider that all these 20 + years, the company has been a constant success.

Here, you can enjoy Spellcast with all its magic features and incredible winning opportunities. This combination of a website and the slot is just perfect for those who look for the perfect options without any exceptions. Considering that 888Casino prefers using the proprietary games only, the fact that Spellcats is there, tells a lot about its quality and the experiences that the player gets.

Even though punters might not be very happy with withdrawal times that can reach up to some days or even a week, in all the rest, this casino is among the best ones. Can it be selected as a top casino 2021? We would say that undoubtedly it can, and you can choose to play there.


Casino Chan

This is one of the firms that doesn’t need any advertising. Thanks to its transparent policies, attention to every need of a player, impressive collection of offers, both games and bonuses, the casino constantly takes the first place in all kinds of ratings.

A neat design and user-friendly website attract both newbies and professionals. Thus, finding any game or just anything is not an issue at all, for anybody. The main attraction is though that Merlin`s Millions are waiting for you there. You can feel the real magic created by NextGen Gaming and enjoy the winnings that the great magician will for sure bring you.

This casino is filled with magic of a different kind, too. For example, take the bonuses and special offers: there are a lot of them, any type and any size. Even those who bet the minimum can take advantage of the provider`s generosity. If you don’t find a no deposit code, don’t get upset though. There are plenty of them in public access on a lot of sites with reviews, advertisements, and similar.


Jackpot City

One more leader is here, the Jackpot City casino. And here, you can try your luck with Magic Mirror, or rather with a lot of Magic Mirrors by Merkur. Try the real magic along with the real awards, bonuses, and any other benefits that a punter can find here. The firm itself is one of the pioneers in the online gambling niche. It is more than 20 years old. Thus, there is nothing strange that it has cooperated with the same pioneer, Merkur, to impress its clients.

However, Merkur is just one of many developers represented there. Jackpot City works with all main and the most interesting developers to create one of the most attractive and varied games portfolio. Here, punters can choose something from all types of video slots or any other slot types, table games or card games variants, live games, or all the main special games.

The company doesn’t forget that its power is in its players. Jackpot City doesn’t forget to pamper its clients by any reasonable opportunity. There, you can count on free spins, some cash now and then, cashbacks, some prizes for special occasions, and similar. If you feel that this casino might be your perfect choice, try it.


Final Thoughts

There are a lot, literally thousands of slots with magic themes, magic features, elements, or whatever. Some of them can be classified into different categories, but because of that, they don’t stop being nice magic machines. Experience the real magic in the best online casinos, with the best developers. Collect all the winnings and get the most impressive experiences. You don’t need to go anywhere, magic is available at your home now, from any device.